Negative Is Also A Charge

Ever wondered why batteries have both positive and negative (+/-) polarity? It’s because negative is also a charge – it has a purpose, a use, and a function, even if we don’t fully understand why.

Negative emotions have, for a long time, been the victim of an intensive, and, to date, very successful, smear campaign – positive thinking has been the darling of just about every camp; if you’re a positive person, you’ll have success, wealth, friendship, happiness, health – positivity cures cancer, brings dream jobs, draws lovers and friends – any minute now, I’m sure, we’ll hear that utilities providers and retailers are accepting positivity as a valid form of payment.

Positive emotions don’t have miraculous powers.  Negative ones just might.

We don’t get better because we “believe” we will – we get better because we pay attention to the things that are wrong, to the behaviours we indulge in that harm us. Negativity can, quite literally, be a lifesaver.

When we notice physical pain, we don’t gloss over it, we don’t deny it, we don’t say that “it’s here for a lesson, something good will come from it” – we stop whatever we were doing when the pain hit, if we were not engaged in any unusual activity, we review our diet, our resting patterns, our exercise regime – we look for things that could be dis-easing us. And, usually, we find them, or, if we do not, we go to a medical professional whom, we hope, can tell us what is wrong.

They can tell us what is wrong. They are negative – “wrong” is a negation. It speaks of absence. And, once we know what is absent, we know what ails us – and how to become well.

But we need to know of the absence – the negation – first.




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