Moving on Because of Negativity, Not Moving on From Negativity

People talk about how we “need to move on from negativity.”

But, the thing is, we don’t need to move on from it – we’re already moving on because of it.

Negativity is dissatisfaction. And dissatisfaction drives progress, and always has done.

If we’d never been “negative”, we wouldn’t have decided that we needed central heating, electric lighting, cars, or the internet. We wouldn’t be looking at a future where tax is submitted online, where Amazon allows account access by selfie. We wouldn’t have created smartphones, with calculators, calendars, address books, cameras, and internet capability all in one device. We would never have come up with contactless payments.

If we weren’t “negative”, we wouldn’t care whether or not our hotel rooms were en-suite, whether or not they had televisions.  If we weren’t “negative”, we wouldn’t have moved to package holidays abroad, because we wouldn’t have noticed that other countries had better weather than the UK.

If we were never “negative”, we wouldn’t have seen the improvements and achievements in medical care that we have. We wouldn’t see more people looking to own property, rather than rent. We wouldn’t see people thinking it was “normal” and “automatic” to have cars, rather than use public transport.

Negativity is what drives us.  It is positivity that holds us back.

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