I recently found six books in a series by Dana Stabenow in a charity shop; I already have, and have read, the first three books.

Stabenow writes murder mysteries set in the Alaskan interior – the “last great wilderness”.

In order to survive in any wilderness, be it Alaska, the desert, or merely an isolated, remote, rural village, you HAVE to be negative – you’re not going to “beat” nature, you’re not going to have anything more than a subsistence lifestyle if you’re living off the land, and the sooner you acknowledge that, the quicker you’ll be living a peaceful, satisfying life.

The positive people, the dreamers and the innocents, end up broken – wildernesses are hard, they’re unforgiving, and they don’t cut slack.

It’s why the negative types among us like them so much – we grok them, in a way positive people never can. We know we’re not going to make it out alive, but we’ll enjoy the ride for as long as it lasts.

And that’s what negative people see when they enter a wilderness – a ride, not a battle. Positive people are the ones who talk about battles; with the wilderness, with their own inner nature, with terminal illnesses.

They talk of battles, and they break when they lose.

Negative people know we’re beaten, but, until the death-blow comes, we’ll play the game, have a little fun before we die.


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